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How to destroy the free radicals and save our body from the devastating consequences?

Free radicals can cause harmful chemical chain reactions in your body because if they are not destroyed in time they react easily with the other molecules. This process is called oxidation, leads to oxidative stress and is extremely dangerous for the health. Free radicals are unstable negatively charged molecules in the cells. When there are… View more

The two SUPER FOODS that reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and bad cholesterol!

Unfortunately, today more and more people are at risk from these dangerous and life-threatening diseases. They are one of the main causes of disability, poor health, early retirement and premature death. Cardiovascular diseases are the greatest cause of death in the world, even before the oncological diseases and wars. Every year, they account for about… View more

Calcium and magnesium – essential minerals to fight with the diseases of the mоdernity

Deficiency of calcium and magnesium in the body leads to a number of diseases: chronic fatigue, weakening of the immune system, muscle weakness, kidney stones, osteoporosis, dental caries, high cholesterol, apathy, depression, angina pectoris, coronary heart disease, blood pressure problems, stroke, atherosclerosis. In today’s dynamic lifestyle, it is not always easy to take a break… View more