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General Terms and Conditions

For trading with food supplements and cosmetic products offered by www.gruenpharma.com.
Gruenpharma Ltd is a trade company, registered under the Commercial Register of Bulgaria at the Registrar Agency under Unique Identifier No 205361483, seated at Sofia, 37 Khan Asparuh str., fl.2, apt. 5. The company is active under Bulgarian legislation, including the Act on Foods, the Act on Protection of Consumers, the Act on Protecting Personal data and other acts relevant to its scope of activities.
Bank account: IBAN: BG52 BPBI 7940 1087 7523 01
Bank: Eurobank Bulgaria Jsc


Governing the relations between Gruenpharma Уреждане на отношенията между Грюнфарма EOOD and the users of internet page www.gruenpharma.com – internet shop /site/.

General Definitions

Under this General Terms and Conditions, the definitions hereof shall bear the following meaning:
а. Trader – Gruenpharma ЕООD
b. Site – the internet pages attached to the domains www.gruenpharma.com
c. Client – any person using the internet page described above in any reasonable way.
d. Profile – voluntarily provided by the Client information, including: e-mail, password, name, address for delivery and phone number. The information is obtained through a particular Regime of registration on the site of www.gruenpharma.com. The information enables the particular Client to be identified for ordering a product.
e. Order of product – a working order on behalf of the Client stating an intention of buying a particular product. For making a valid order, the Client is not required to have registered on the site www.gruenpharma.com
е. Goods / Product – an element available on the site which is subject to the purchase contract.
f. Contract – any agreement contracted from a distance between Gruenpharma ЕООD and any Client for purchasing goods from the site pursuant to an order filed by the Client. These General Terms and Conditions are inseparable part of the Contract. Each separately filed order shall represent a separate contract.

General Conditions

1. The General Conditions define rules the observance of which allow the Client to use the site and its content, provided no other agreement between the Client and the Trader is available.
2. The General Conditions are of mandatory nature for all Clients of the site. Using the site shall mean that the Client has read and agreed with the General Conditions at any visit of the site.
3. These General Conditions are subject to amendments unilaterally by the Trader. Amendments shall be deemed in force immediately after their publishing on the site.
4. By agreeing with the General Conditions the Client gives explicit consent for concluding contracts from a distance pursuant to an order filed by him.
5. A valid order can be filed by persons of 18 years of age and over. By confirming the order on the internet page the Client declares his being of age.
6. The Trader asserts that images of products are of informative nature only. Delivered products might differ from their images due to technical problems or change of design of the packaging.
7. Features, descriptions and prices of products might contain errors and are subject to updates at any time. The Trade shall not bear responsibility for such differences but shall oblige to mend them in due time in case such differences are pointed by the Client.
8. Gruenpharma ЕООD is entitled to the right to update the site, its structure and functions without prior notice to the Client. Gruenpharma ЕООD does not bear responsibility for errors that might occur on the site due to technical reasons.
9. Gruenpharma ЕООD is entitled to the right of publishing advertisements /banners/ of any nature and/or links in any part on the site, in compliance with the incumbent legislation.
10. The site might contain links to other sites and the Trader does not bear responsibility for their content and the policy of those sites. Before using such sites Clients are strongly advised to read their General Conditions.
11. Trader and Client agree that electronic communication between them, including the use of a particular customer profile, shall have the force of a handwritten signature in validating their relationships.
12. Gruenpharma ЕООD provides its Clients the opportunity to make a registration on the site www.gruenpharma.com through their Facebook and/or Instagram profile.
13. Gruenpharma ЕООD collects, processes and stores personal data of its Clients under the Bulgarian legislation and Regulation (EU) 2016/679 and the Act on Personal Data Protection. Detailed information can be found in Policy of protecting personal data which is an inseparable part of the General Terms and Conditions.

Purchase Contract

14. The purchase contract concluded from a distance for the purchasing of goods and/or services shall be deemed signed upon receipt of the filed order on behalf of the Trader. The Client shall expect the confirmation of the order within 1 (one) week pursuant to its filing. In case the Client does not receive confirmation within the terms mentioned, the order shall be deemed rejected and the contract shall not be deemed concluded. The contract shall be deemed concluded in all cases whereas the Trader has issued a purchase receipt and/or an invoice, or has received the amount of the price via bank transfer.
15. The Trader shall inform the Client for registering the order via phone call or e-mail.
16. In all circumstances when the order is registered and the Client received confirmation from the Trader, the payment is due in full by the Client. Each payment shall be negotiated for every separate order – in full in advance, in part in advance and in full upon delivery, or in full upon delivery.
17. Information provided by the Client and the General Terms and Conditions are inseparable part of the Distance Contract.

Internet Purchasing Policy

18. Access to the site for registering a customer profile and filing an order is granted to all Clients, regardless of whether they have registered on the site prior to that. The Client bears responsibility for the truthfulness of the data provided by him and for observing the particular requirements of the law related to concluding civil contracts.
19. All prices announced on the site are in Bulgarian Leva (BGN), VAT included.
20. Prices of products announced excludes delivery prices and the fees due upon delivery. Gruenpharma EOOD shall be obliged, in all circumstances before and after concluding the order, to announce on the site the amount of additional costs due for payment on behalf of the Client.
21. Gruenpharma EOOD shall reserve the right to amend product prices at any time without prior notice to the Client.
22. Gruenpharma EOOD does not guarantee the availability of any product offered on the site prior to confirmation of the order in writing or via phone call.


23. The Client is entitled to make orders on the site by adding the goods offered to his purchasing trolley, following the directions and the steps on the site for finalizing the order and send it to the Trader.
24. By finalizing his order, the Client declares that all the information provided by him for finalizing the order is true and complete. Non-finalised orders do not lead to registration of the order.
25. Gruenpharma EOOD shall reserve the right to specify to the Client the availability of the products and the delivery terms via phone or e-mail, pursuant to confirmation of the order.
26. By the time of sending the delivery the Trader is entitled to reject the order in part or in whole in case the delivery proves impossible for objective reasons, or due to infringement of procedural requirements in the concluded contract. The Client is entitled to a prior notice of these facts. In such cases Gruenpharma EOOD shall oblige to recover the amounts paid unduly, if any, without additional costs to the Client and the contract shall be deemed null and void and the parties to it bear no further obligations hereof.
27. By sending the order, the Client entitles the Trader to contact him at the provided contact details if and when necessary in relation to the filed order.
28. In case an amendment to the negotiated timelines for delivery and/or the content of the delivery proves necessary, an employee of Gruenpharma EOOD shall contact the Client via phone or e-mail to inform the Client about the amendments. The Client is entitled to reject the contract or confirm the order. In both cases the Trader does not bear responsibility for damage, outside the liability to recover the paid amounts.
29. Without the meaning of art. 28 hereof, the Client is entitled to reject a filed offer by the time of delivery of the product through his personal account as of the time of registration of the order until the start of delivery and/or via phone call to the company’s phones and/or the contact points on the site www.gruenpharma.com. In such cases the Trader shall recover in full the amounts paid by the Client in the same manner in which the payment is made without any additional costs for the Client. The Client does not bear responsibility for damage and loss of earnings and the contract shall be deemed null and void.

Return of goods and exit of the Distance Contract

30. Only Clients who are in the capacity of consumers under the Act on Consumers Protection are entitled to exit a Distance Contract.
31. Under the Distance Purchase Contract any Client in the capacity of Consumer is entitled to return the product, provided the product and its packaging are intact, without submitting objective reasons for the return, within 14 days as of delivery. Where a Client made orders for several products, delivered separately, the return shall be executed within 14 days of the delivery of the last product. Transportation costs are at the expense of the Client.
32. Wrong delivery. In case the Client establishes that the product delivered is different from the product ordered, the Client is entitled to return the product and the transportation costs are at the expense of the Trader.
33. In case the Client exercises his right to exit the contract, the Trader shall oblige to recover in full the amounts paid within 14 calendar days as of the date of exiting the contract. Subtractions are made from the recovered amount for costs for return of the product, except for cases when the Client returned the product at his expense and duly notified the Trader.
34. Recovery of payments shall be made via bank transfer to a bank account of the Client. In case payment has been made via debit/credit card, the payment shall be recovered to the card account.
35. The right to exit the contract is exercised in the following cases:
1. At damaging the integrity of packaging of the product, Gruenpharma ЕООD reserves the right to reject the returned product and therefore to reject recovery of the amounts paid by the Client due to concerns related to hygiene and health protection;
2. For products made and/or processed in accordance with the Client’s requirements or as by his individual design;
3. For products that, due to their nature, are either consumable, or non-returnable, or are subject to deterioration.
36. Terms for return or exchange
1. All goods should be returned in the same condition as upon delivery, with intact packaging, intact commercial type and full equipment set;
2. Goods for return should not bear marks of usage, scratches, damages, with intact polyester covers, if any, and otherwise intact;
3. The packaging should be sound, not torn, scratched or damaged;
4. In case a gift has been attached to the product, the gift is also subject to return.

Payment and invoicing

37. The prices of goods and services are final, VAT and all other statutory fees and taxes included, in compliance with the incumbent legislation.
38. The price and way of payment are stated in each order.
39. The general ways of payment offered by the Trader are: in cash, via debit/credit card, via bank transfer, upon delivery.
40. Gruenpharma ЕООD shall oblige to issue a purchase receipt and/or invoice for each order payment when the Client purchased a product. The invoice/receipt shall be sent to the Client together with the product or via e-mail. In case the payment is made upon delivery, the logistic company issues a receipt for postal transfer – a legally binding document replacing a purchase receipt. The Client bears full responsibility for the truthfulness of the data provided.
41. The Client agrees to make the payment according to the methods of payment he has chosen and in compliance with the conditions stipulated between the Client and the Payment service provider.


42. The trader shall deliver the goods ordered online through a selected courier company to the address provided by the Client or to a provided by the Client office of the couriers.
43. The time of delivery is generally within 3 working days. Details concerning the timelines of delivery are only indicative. The timelines are not binding for the Trader for making the delivery on an exact date. The Client is not entitled to any compensation whatsoever in case of a delayed delivery.
44. Deliveries are made according to the schedules of the courier company, usually from Monday to Friday between 9.00 a.m. and 1.00 p.m., holidays excluded. Exceptions might be possible for settlements with a special regime of service.
45. The Client is entitled to open the delivery parcel prior to payment to the courier.
46. The Client shall inspect the parcel upon delivery and in case inconsistencies are observed, to duly inform the Trader.


47.  The trader is entitled to hire subcontractors without prior notice or consent of the Client. The Trader bears responsibility for the actions of such subcontractors hired by him.

Intellectual property

48.  The content of the site in whole, including but not limited to images, design, softwear, databases, information and all other content published on the site is intellectual property of Gruenpharma EOOD. The whole content to which the Client is entitled to access is protected by law and the Client is prohibited to copy, disseminate, publish, make available to third parties, change in any way any portion of it..


49.  Gruenpharma EOOD does not bear responsibility for damage incurred by the Client or a third party, including allergic reactions, stomach disorders and other unfavorable subsequences that the Trader could not have anticipated and that are out of the Trader’s control.


50. At creating a customer’s profile, the Client obtains the opportunity to agree to receive marketing materials, including newsletters, notifications, bulletins and other special offers from Gruenpharma EOOD.
51. The Client is entitled to reject being sent such advertising materials at any time:
• By using the special link placed in each special offer;
• By using a particular part of his account;
• In writing by e-mail.

Force Majeure

52.  The parties are not liable for breach of contract due to force majeure.
53. In case the force majeure cannot be overcome within 14 days of its occurrence, each of the parties is entitled to request the other party to terminate the contract without any liabilities for damage.

Disputes and applicable legislation

54. This Document is constructed and shall be interpreted under Bulgarian legislation.
55. In case of disputes, the issues will be treated and considered by mutual consent. In case of failure to reach an agreement, the dispute will be brought before a competent Bulgarian court under Bulgarian legislation.

Final provisions

In case any of the provisions of these General Terms and Conditions for using the site is invalid or non-applicable to a contract, regardless of the reasons, this does not preclude the validity and applicability of the rest of the provisions.