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Our company

Gruenpharma Ltd. is a young, dynamic and ambitious company mainly engaged in producing and trading food supplements. The manufacturing process takes place in Germany which guarantees the high quality of the products. The development of the company is realized rapidly, as we expand our portfolio with our counterparts in Bulgaria and Europe. An important part of our philosophy is the support of socially responsible causes and events. We are inspired by the positive, searching and capable people with whom we have the pleasure to work with for their realization.

Our story

The story of Gruenpharma Ltd. begins in distant Germany as a dream. I lived and worked in Germany as a master-pharmacist in world-famous companies in the branch of nutrition supplements. This is how the dream for a company on the Bulgarian market, which provides the uncompromisingly German quality in Bulgaria as well, was born. After my return to Bulgaria I took on the difficult task of gathering a suitable team for the realization of my dream. Every member of Gruenpharma’s team has been carefully selected, with the smallest detail of his resume. The ultimate effect is a perfectly crafted team combining experienced experts and young people responsible for the company’s innovative vision.
The next step and everyday part of the working day is the discovery of both innovative and proven formulas that have not been available until now on the Bulgarian market. The last step is the location of the manufacturing process in Germany to ensure high quality products.
The perfect collaboration between experience, creativity and the German model of work has led to the realization of a long-standing dream called Gruenpharma. A dream of removing double standards and providing access to products equivalent in quality to those sold in Western Europe.

Our products: Made in Germany

The food supplements, which are manufactured in Germany, are conformed to German high quality standards. Our food supplements are certified by accredited German testing laboratories and comply with European norms and directives on food supplement. We bet on innovative production methods and technologies, as we guarantee the natural origin, cleanness, effectiveness and the harmlessness of our food supplements. They are made entirely of high quality organic ingredients, which are into a perfectly balanced correlation. They are suitable for consumption by vegans because the capsules are cellulosic, non-flavored and free of preservatives and coloring agents.

Our mission: Health & well-being

We believe that health is the most valued resource. That is why our mission is to offer you the best and the most effective products, which enrich the food diet and are an important part of daily care and balance in the organism. It is important for us you to feel completed, efficient, full of energy and happy in your daily round. Being devoted to the idea of securing the health and well-being which you deserve, we take care for you not only through our high quality and innovative products but also by every tiny detail and the attitude we provide – from picking the phone with a smile to packing up your product with love. Our qualified team is glad to answer your questions and is available to your orders.